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*Qualified Loan—must be a member in good standing* and all loans (individual, joint or co-borrower) are current** as of the receipt date and no delinquency*** within the past 6 months to participate in the Xplore FCU Skip a Payment Program. This program is not available on new or recently granted loans until 6 months of payments have been received. Real estate loans, credit cards and lines of credit are excluded from this offer. Secured loans (autos) are allowed 1 skip a payment per calendar year. Signature loans are allowed 2 non-consecutive skip a payments per calendar year.

Xplore FCU will extend the final loan payment on the loan selected by one month. The interest on the loan will continue to accrue during the month the payment is skipped. By skipping a payment, the original term of the loan is extended. Any payment made through payroll deduction or automatic transfer will remain in the member’s account from which the payment is normally allocated. The $29.95 processing fee per loan will be deducted from the account the member selects upon receipt of the completed form. If the $29.95 is not available when the request to skip a payment form is received, the payment will not be skipped and the request will be null and void. The request form will then have to be resubmitted when the funds are available before the skip a payment will be placed.

*Good Standing—defined as no overdrawn share/checking accounts.

**Current—defined as less than 10 days past the scheduled payment date.

***Delinquent—defined as 60 days or greater past the scheduled payment date.

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