How it Works

Protect your account with Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay. You will have peace of mind knowing your checks, online payments and/or automatic withdrawals will be honored.


Overdraft Protection – 1st Line of Defense

Traditional overdraft protection is your first line of defense for an overdrawn check, such as your Savings Account. Other options for overdraft protection can be arranged including your Xplore FCU Visa credit card, an overdraft line of credit or other designated deposit accounts.

Courtesy Pay – 2nd Line of Defense

If you accidentally deplete the reserves in your checking and overdraft protection options, you will be covered by Courtesy Pay up to $1000 beyond the available balance in your account. The fee for Courtesy Pay is $29.00 per item; you will be expected to bring your account back to positive within 30 days.


To Opt-In or Opt-Out, visit Online Banking / Secure Forms or simply contact us or visit us.

All Members may be eligible for Courtesy Pay as long as their account remains in good standing, as defined in the Discretionary Overdraft Courtesy Pay Policy on the disclosures page.

Primary and/or joint owners may request to remove their accounts from the Courtesy Pay program at any time. Primary and all other owners shall be jointly and completely responsible for the overdraft including the overdraft fee.

Courtesy Pay is not a contractual agreement and is subject to change without notice. Xplore Federal Credit Union has the right to discontinue the program or withdraw any share draft account from the program based on poor performance of the account, or failure to cover the overdrafts. The credit union also has the right to limit participation to one account per household. The credit union has the option to either honor the overdraft or return the item for insufficient funds even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for the Member.

Courtesy Pay is not a loan. There is no interest charged on any overdraft or unpaid charge. There will be no late charges or other fees other than the Courtesy Pay fee of $29 per item. The credit union will attempt to notify the Member by mail of any overdraft paid or returned; however we have no obligation to notify you before we pay or return an item.

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