Xplore Education: Free Financial Literacy Resources

As part of Xplore's financial literacy initiative, free educational resources are provided throughout this website, on our Xplore Education website, and in five local sponsored schools. In addition to digital resources, Xplore offers educational presentations by request. To inquire about having an Xplore FCU representative speak at your next event, please email [email protected]


Learn Financial Literacy with Xplore - Free Community Website

Xplore FCU has a free financial literacy website for the community! This website is a robust research outlet to assist students and adults in attaining financial success through online games, virtual coaching, articles, and calculators. Search through topics such as creating a budgeting, saving money, buying a home, owning a business, planning for retirement, and more.

Xplore Education

Teach Financial Literacy with Xplore - Resources for Teachers

Xplore FCU provides select local schools with free virtual courses to add to their curriculum. With three different courses for teachers to choose, students at any age can learn how to manage a budget, save money, and buy a home. The school program includes a dashboard for teachers to view student participation and grades, order course materials, and request additional support from Xplore, such as financial presentations. 

Xplore Teaching